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Thursday, 28 July 2016

GarconJon meets Serge Rigvava: Model Off Duty

With a halo is curls and relaxed personal style, Serge Rigvava is the Elite boy to watch. Discovered in the Elite Model Look competition two years ago as Austria's entry, he's gone on to be photographed by David Bailey and walked for designers including Issey Miyake, Dries van Noten and Haider Ackermann. In person, he strikes me as one of life's dreamers and this is reflected in conversation too. See part one of the interview below and the second on

This is part of a new series with Elite Model Management, to see more male model's off duty click here.

Where did you grow up? If I could only remember! I was born in Munich then I moved to Stuttgart and then to Vienna. We made the final move to Vienna because my mum is a musician and she got a job there. I like it because you can live a very comfortable life here but for younger people it might be a bit boring. You cannot pursue your interests as much as you might somewhere else.

What excites you about London? You can do whatever you want, everything is on offer. It just takes longer to get there. The good thing about Vienna is that you can be anywhere in 20 minutes.

Describe yourself in three words. That’s hard. I would say relaxed, bored and creative. I can imagine things quite well.

What is your calling in life? I am in a band and I make a lot of music by myself. I play guitar, I have a D├╝senberg Starplayer. I play a lot of classic rock’n’roll. Otherwise I like to skateboard or do graffiti. I spend a lot of time outside. Except for swimming, that’s inside. Or trampolining and eating.

Where do you see yourself in ten years time? I can only see extremes. Either I am broke or I am on a huge stage in front of an amazing crowd, playing music. I want to be an artist or musician.

What was the best experience you had while modelling? I got to spend a day with my favourite photographer, David Bailey. I shot the campaign for Valentino as he always does them. We shot on location on Brick Lane, near to David Bailey’s studio. We just walked around with him and a lot of Valentino clothes. Just strolling around and shooting. That was so cool. The directions he gave and everything is just so funny! He kind of takes the piss out of you and jokes around. He is just hilarious and you can really feel how much experience he has. It was amazing to have met him.

Do you have any advice for people who want to go into modelling? Try and keep your interests and professional life separate. Except for maybe photography that might be overlapping. It is always good to try and learn about your job and if you can imagine in your own head how you look on a photograph then you know how to get the best picture. It is harder if you don't have the imagination and don’t have a feeling for composition. Doesn’t mean you cannot get a good picture though.