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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

GarconJon meets Hugo Villanova: Model Off Duty

This week I met up with French model Hugo Villanova, for my series in collaboration with Elite London. We shot in Holborn outside the shows at London Collections Men and I asked him about his best job as a model so far and what he enjoys about the British capital.

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Where did you grow up? I was born in Toulouse but moved to Bordeaux when I turned one year old. My family moved because of my dad’s job as an optician. I still live there, but I’m hoping to move to Paris in September. I’m finishing school right now, I have my final exams for the Bac this summer.

What do you like about London? I love skating in London, especially at the Southbank. The atmosphere is perfect. I don’t have my skateboard with me today but only because it’s too busy! I have to work today so I don’t really have time. London cool, very modern. Only drawback is it's very expensive!

How would you describe yourself in 5 words? Generous, sporty, friendly. It’s hard to think of words! I like helping people. I used to be shy but I’m more confident now.

What else do you enjoy in life? I skate, I play football with my friends, I like going to the cinema. I’ve skated for seven years now. I skate everywhere - at home in Bordeaux, in Paris, London. The best was in New York as there are wide streets and big skate parks.

What's been your best fashion week experience? The best was probably Dior, when they took us to China for the Fall 2015 show. It was so cool. We went for a whole week, in a massive hotel, it was amazing. The first day we didn’t do much, the second day we rehearsed and did some shoots. It was in April last year, 2015. I did just one look, it was so cool.

Can you leave us with some words of wisdom? Stay humble! It’s the most important, don’t get a big head. Especially in fashion it’s so important.