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Saturday, 14 May 2016

GarconJon meets Ivano Marino

Mr Ivano Marino, Creative Consultant

While in Italy, shooting imagery for the launch of House of Peroni next month, I caught up with one of my favourite Instagrammers Ivano Marino. Last year Ivano co-founded social agency Grumble Creative and has seen huge success, most recently working on the upcoming Jungle Book film. Meeting at his office in Milan, we walked around his local neighbourhood west of Parco Sempione with Bacco the whippet on a typically sunny Italian afternoon, chatting about life, love and lessons. See the full story below and more of his life on Instagram at @MarinoIvano.

This year's House of Peroni Residency is opening its doors at Proud East in Haggerston, East London. Check it out from Thursday 19th May – Friday 1st July.

 Ivano wears relaxed suit and undershirt by Armani.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now? I come from a small village on the sea of South Italy, Santa Maria del Cedro, one of those where you know everyone, but currently I live in Milan.

Why do you enjoy living in Milan? Milan has impressed me with its energy and with the dynamism and versatility of its inhabitants.

What does Italian culture mean to you? The Italian people have always been at the forefront of art and culture. When I think of Italy, I think about our artistic heritage.

Describe yourself in 5 words. Mental, precise, passionate, insightful and lucky.

Do you have a motto for living? For sure! “Will is power" I believe that all that we desire, if we really want it, it’s within our reach.

 Ivano wears studded leather jacket, knit tee and tailored pants by Fendi. 

You first came to public attention on the Jump, what made you enter the show? One night I was together with some friends who attended TV auditions: Once I went with them to one of those and apparently they liked me and choose me for the TV format: to me it was just a funny thing to do!

How was the experience? It was a very funny and formative experience: when one relates with sportsmen, you must lead a very rigorous life. I love it and, for this reason, the most difficult thing was to give up with training for the TV show.

How were people’s reactions when you left the show? They expressed their sadness through social networks.

Instagram is obviously huge for you, what do you think makes a great Instagram account? I always try to express the emotion connected to the specific moment that I’m living. There’s no a supreme rule to do that: for a good picture you just need patience.
Social media has changed our lives so quickly and it’s constantly changing, where do you see yourself in 10 years? I little more boring than today.

I first met you outside the Missoni show, a brand that is so steeped in Italian heritage. We shot in 3 classic Italian brands too, what do you think makes Italian fashion so internationally popular? We have a unique artistic and cultural heritage in the whole world. Italian design stands out for the preciousness of our craftsmanship and for the super high quality.

Tell me about Grumble. How did your agency come about? Grumble was born after a year of preparation from three friends and from the willingness to communicate our vision of beauty and taste.

You’ve had a lot of success very quickly. What’s been your most exciting project so far? The project with Disney – The Jungle Book was the funniest I had ever made. I grow up with all their wonderful tales and the idea of being their testimonial made me full of zest.

What is your greatest love in life? I had a long relationship with a girl for 8 years, during high school: she was my princess and sometimes I think about her again. Great memories.

If you could give your 18 year old self a piece of advice, what would you say? Live and let others live.

Leave us with some words of wisdom. The highest wisdom borders the greatest folly.

Ivano wears cotton shirt and plaid pants by Missoni.