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Monday, 30 November 2015

Open the Now with Moët & Chandon

Inspired by the new Moët & Chandon campaign "Open the Now", I was followed by cameras for a day to unveil an average day in London as a photographer. A snapshot into my life directed by Aaron Christian.

The concept of "the now" is something I'm continually conscious of and so this project peaked my interested immediately. As a photographer, my whole world is focused on capturing a moment in time, something never recreated, completely unique. When the shutter goes, we see what was now, then.

On another level, the most interesting and healthy people I know all embrace this concept in life, the idea of living in the now. The future is uncontrollable and the past has gone, all we have is our current state. With this in mind I try to be present in the moment. Over-planning is a burden as much as nostalgia is.

See our short film below, shot in my studio and around Soho in November 2015.