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Sunday, 14 June 2015

GaconJon meets Max Benjamin Rendell: Model Off Duty

Max Benjamin Rendell, Model with Unsigned Management

What's your horoscope? I'm a Taurus and I'd say I'm close to the typical traits. I can be very stubborn and aggressive. I'm not portraying myself in a good light, am I? Apartently I'm quite a good kisser though that's something I can't vouch for! You'd have to ask...only a couple of people.

What's the best city over the show city? London because it's home and definitely the quirkiest in terms of style. I love to people watch here. Outside of the UK I love going to Milan. The weather is always amazing in Milan and the designers there are outstanding.

Is there anything you love about living in London? The music scene here is immense. The industry across the UK is so strong that it's exciting to be in the capital right now. In terms of style, I love real people on the street. It's not just about high fashion and luxury here, it's also about the realness. The lifestyle here isn't so rushed in New York but also not as laid back as somewhere like Madrid. Perfect mixture of everything.

Do you have a favourite fashion week memory? The first big show I did for Burberry in fantastic. For a British boy it made my career and I was incredibly proud. My family were never interested in fashion but now they love seeing shoots. Every editorial I'm in they say "you've got to send us the pictures" and love to save all the tearsheets to show their friends.

Do you have a special diet over the season? There are so many of my model friends who are very strict with what they eat but I'm not one of them. I consider myself very lucky because I eat what I want. I can really pack in the food!

What's an average day like over the collections? It's hard to say, but yesterday I had three castings in the morning, then had two fitting in the early afternoon. Today was full of castings as it's so close to show time and then working with fantastic photographers like yourself!

Leave us with some words of wisdom. I thought I'd have to change when I entered this industry but if there's anything I've learned it's that the best policy is always to be yourself.


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