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Saturday, 25 April 2015

GarconJon meets Simon Kuzmickas

I first spotted Simon K, Established model, outside the Topman Design show in January at London Collections: Men. He instantly caught my eye with his skin tight jeans, 60s hair cut and Mick Jagger pout. It became apparent that he's more than just a pretty face though, having moved to London to study photography and inventing his own genre of music he calls "fuzzy jazz". We caught up on a sunny Spring afternoon in South London to shoot film together and chew the fat.

Simon wears his own clothing and Timex Weekender watches throughout.

Simonas Kuzmickas, Agent of Thought

Describe yourself in 5 words

I'm happy to be glad.

What's your star sign?

I am a Virgo, but I don't really believe in that stuff anyway.

When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a kid I wanted to be a banker. When my dad broke the news that I would have to wear a suit everyday and it suddenly lost it's appeal. I quickly changed my mind.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

I grew up in Vilnius Lithuania and straight after finishing school I moved to London. I currently reside in Fulham, just up the road from river Thames.

What's great about Fulham?

Its just a nice area, there are lots of cool pubs, bars, shops etc. I have been living in a lot of very sketchy places in London so it just feels good to finally settle down somewhere nice. Also it is quite central and its easy to get around town on my bike, it takes roughly five minutes for me to get to Kings Road and then from there everything is pretty close.

You moved here to study photography, why did you chose London?

Well I tell people that I came to London to study, but in reality I think I just wanted to have a bit of an adventure, and London seemed like a good place, since I speak the language and also I knew some people who lived here already and it was just like: "why not, lets do this". Plus the music scene here is amazing which always attracted me.

What do you miss most about Lithuania ?

Definitely my family and my mates. Well the weather is nice too there.

You told me you play fuzzy jazz - what do you mean by that?

Well I think contrast is one of the best tools of expression, so mixing mellow jazz melodies with sort of over driven fuzz tones result in very interesting sounds. Also its because I have sort of a vintage guitar amplifier, and once you crank it up the signal starts getting distorted and you get sort of a fuzzy sound. I also enjoy playing around with different effects units/pedals.

Who do you respect most in music?

Its very hard for me to pick favorites. I don't really have a favorite record but I enjoy listening to early electric blues records like: Elmore James, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker. All of this sounds particularly good on vinyl. In terms of more contemporary music one of my favorites are the Libertines album "Up the Bracket".

The watches you're wearing are taken from the "Weekender" collections, how do you spend your weekends?

It's always different. I guess I am a spontaneous person. I just do things, whatever comes to mind. If the weather is nice I go out and see what kind of trouble I can get myself into.

Leave us some words of wisdom...

Mind is like a parachute, it only works when its open!

To see the full shoot, click below. The complete Timex Weekender collection is availale to view at