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Friday, 6 March 2015

Shooting Me, Shooting You: Jardin Des Tuileries, Paris

As a consumer of digital media, where platforms are crammed full of visual information, I love simplicity. In fact, with all elements of life that's what I strive for. This results in GarconJon having quite a tightly edited selection of photography being posted and a perception that I only take one or two frames per subject when I shoot. In reality, if I'm being excessive, I can take up to 30 images with one subject.

A huge part of what I see as valuable in other photographer work is their ability to edit. Often I see incredibly talented artists who just aren't able to remove themselves from the process enough to see which imagery works and which falls short of their desired level of quality. I'm victim to it myself, particularly when I've caught a moment that I think is insightful. In those cases, I'll use the photograph when it's perhaps not the best composition or edit but on the whole I try my best to keep it clean and make each individual image tell the story itself.

The reason for the explaination here is that I've not followed my own rules with this post. The chap below, a tourist from Tokyo, had a strange mixture of styles. Slightly too large Burberry trench, straight leg vintage jeans, mop-top haircut. I could'nt help but shoot him from multiple angles and the result is 4 images that I can't decide between for the blog. Strictly speaking one image per subject is ideal, but this time he deserves more.

See the full selection of images below.