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Monday, 30 March 2015

Into the Woods: Weekend Away, South Lodge

At the start of the year I set myself the objective of going on more adventures. As a photographer, it's often the serendipitous moments where I'm spending time with friends, playing with my niece or taking a backroad home when the most powerful images emerge. Although it's near impossible to create these, my awareness of capturing these moments has been heightened. It's for this reason that when Citroen approached me to test drive their new C4 I jumped at the chance to escape London and discover some of the English countryside. I stayed at South Lodge in the lush Sussex woodlands and spend the weekend rambling from the South Downs to Brighton, breathing clean air, hearing birds sing and generally remembering what life outside a city can be like. A huge amount of gratitude goes to Citroen for giving me the opportunity to take some time off and generously they're offering GarconJon readers the same chance at To get involved share a 'weekend wish' at this site and you could be one of 40 winners.