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Sunday, 22 March 2015

GarconJon Wants: Timeless Timepieces

Interestingly enough, I've never had a huge interest in watches. I say 'interestingly' as I value simplicity and practicality so highly - these being two qualities which make a watch unqiue in the category of 'menswear accessory'. Over the past year however, my collection of wristwear has grown significantly and now the ball has begun to roll, it's difficult to make it stop. As I browse new items for next season, I can't help but peruse the watch section and so have now amased a range of desirable products. Here are my top 7 for 2015.

1. Casio Classic Gold Retro Watch: The Casio Classic watch is, most certainly, a classic. In the past 10 years it's had a revival of sorts and it's still the best gold-on-gold-on-gold-on-gold design.

2. Instrmnt Classic: Any menswear up-start from Glasgow will spike my interest (it's my hometown) but the icing on the cake for Instrmnt is the outstanding quality. These watches are all kinds of perfect - the brown leather strap with copper detail is my favourite.

3. Jord Wood Watch: I feel like wooden watches have been cropping up everywhere these days, but the only one which has really captured by attention is Jord. The brand is already huge in it's native Sweden and is bound to make a strong impact in the UK this year.

4 Timex Weekender: The new Weekender collection from Timex, a brand with a history of over 150 years, is incredible value for money. It's hardy and complex in equal parts.

5. Withings Activite Watch: It seems every company is now offering a stepometer in their product but the Withings system also tracks sleep pattern and swimming. I actually got the watch just before Fashion Week began and I've loved tracking my daily activity. It also helps that design is not compromised for the sake of techonology.

6. Mondaine Pocket Watch: The iconic design of Hans Hilfiker's Mondaine watchface is enough to make it recognisable without being branded and the newly released silver pocketwatch is one of boldest, most striking I've seen in ages. Not always easy to wear but I have a few Old Town waistcoats that it'd work well with.

7. Shore Projects: After an incredibly successful launch last year, Shore Projects has just released their second design with a new mesh strap. I love monochromatic design and the 4 colours are perfect: black, silver, gold and rose gold. Their Instagram is worth a follow too - check them out at @ShoreProjects.