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Sunday, 23 November 2014

GarconJon wants... Winter Warmers

Since Monty the Penguin launched into the cultural consciousness last week, John Lewis got me prematurely excited for the festive season. This, paired with the temperature drop, has me focused on stocking up with winter resources so I spent my Sunday afternoon making a wishlist of items in preparation for December. Here's what I came up with.

See the full details below.
1. Firstly, of course a good winter coat. My peacoat has seen better days to this one from Tom Morris in Scotland is on the agenda. Super-thick and guaranteed to keep the chills away.

2. Secondary to a good coat is a good beanie hat so this one from Barbour should fit the bill.

3. Perhaps not a necessity but new specs for the colder months are always nice. I've seen quite a few Japanese designs that I like but these Matsuda Glasses are top of the list.

4. This morning in this weekend's Observer Magazine I saw this Diamond Terrarium from John Lewis. After bookmarking so many rugged items for my wardrobe, this angular piece of homeware slotted nicely into my head - would make a nice holiday gift too.

5. After last years sideways rain at London Collections: Men threatening to dampen my camera equipment, I know that a waterproof bag should be on the horizon so the Rains messenger backpack looks like a good size and well positioned for great access.

6. Similarly with the last point, I've set my sights on comfortable, hardy boots for the miles of streets I'll be trampling in the 2015 shows. These rubber soled Timberland Boots, also from John Lewis should do the trick.