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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

GarconJon meets... Jason Davis #StyledByClarks

This Wednesday, British shoemaker Clarks are launching its first dedicated men’s pop-up in Covent Garden. To mark the opening, I photographed four London gents in their favourite Clarks' styles around Seven Dials.

In our second interview, Jason Davis talks about his life on YouTube and how to respond to 'haterz'. See the full feature below and if you're in London, head to 55 Neal Street from the 23rd, where you can find my photography as well as a curated selection of Clarks' coolest mens footwear.

Jason is wearing Monmart Limit shoes in Cognac, photographed on Floral Street - 923 feet from the pop-up shop at 55 Neal Street.

Jason Davis, Job Unspecified.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now? I grew up in Bushey near Watford and now I live closer to central London near St John's Wood.

What's your star sign? Taurus.

Current album on repeat? The Black Keys Discography.

Describe yourself in 5 words? Aspirational, Open Minded, Trustworthy, Strong-willed, Opinionated.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I always wanted to be James Bond when I was young. I guess now I just try to think like him.

You're a bit of a YouTube sensation. What made you join the channel? I wouldn't say I am at all. The only thing I take pride in is my channel about depression/anxiety and how I have helped people, which is the reason I started a channel. But I try to stay away from the whole 'youtuber' thing. That's my girlfriend's job.

What's the best thing about creating videos? I am creative so being able to use creativity is nice, but most of all it's the messages I receive saying thank you.

As you said, your girlfriend has her own style channel - how is it dating someone with such a strong online presence? I think it's great, I feel very proud of her when she gets stopped in the street and people ask for photos. There have been a few weird moments with her fans coming up to her and just being like "HELLO........." (1 minute pause) right in her face as if she is supposed to know them and then asking really weird questions.

How do you respond to haterzzz? Haha, each case is different. These days I try not to respond but in the past I did respond with angry messages. Some of them are actually quite harsh, but the majority are hilarious. A favourite of mine was something like "I saw you holding another girls hand and cheating on Sam, you white devil".

Best supportive comment? It's really difficult to choose as most people are so lovely, but in general it would be one that says when I make a difference in their life or they can see how I've made a difference in my girlfriend's life.

Is there a difference between online persona and the real life Jason? Not really, I say how I feel and what I'm thinking. I don't see why anyone would change the way they come across online, I hate fake people.

You've gained a big following from being candid about depression. What are your top tips for helping to battle mental illness? First of all, if someone is suffering from a mental illness please visit my youtube channel as it will help far more than these few sentences. My top tip is to accept your current situation, accept your feelings and you will learn not to be scared or upset. Talk someone and get help, no one will judge you.

What's been your greatest experience since starting YouTube? My greatest experience - which is an ongoing one - is when I receive an email telling me that my words and video just saved somebody's life. My sole goal in starting the channel was to help just 1 person. I think in the first few months I received roughly 10+ emails saying I saved their lives. Which of course isn't true, they did themselves by watching the video. But it's amazing to know I'm helping.

We shot in Covent garden as the new Clarks pop-up is opening at seven dials. What's your favourite thing about that area? I just love the whole vibe, it's a bit quirky and it's full with fashion inspiration. I love that there is still street performances there too. There is a little restaurant called Mishkins, that I love. Just go.

Leave us with some words of wisdom. If you live through defeat, you are not defeated. If you are beaten but acquire wisdom, you have won. Lose yourself to improve yourself. Only when we shed all self-definition do we find who we really are. Everything in life comes down to how bad you really want something.