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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

GarconJon meets Fabrizio Oriani #GQforGAP

I first met Mr Oriani in Milan through a mutual friend - one of those serendipitous moments of bumping into a familiar face on the street. Within a few minutes I spotted how apt the title of his blog is (Gentlemans Wear Daily), as he is the ultimate gent. Being a fan of my blog, he was more than complimentary and equally me of his eye for design.

For the Milan segment of the GQ for GAP campaign, Fabrizio selected Brooklyn Tailors as his clothing of choice. Bringing a suitcase full of clothing options and accessories, you'd be surprised to find out he isn't a stylist by trade but lives a dual life - business by day, blogging by night.

Fabrizio Oriani, Service Delivery Manager in a world leading global enterprise; CEO and founder of Gentlemen’s Wear Daily

Where did you grow up and where do you live now? I was born in Lecco a small town on the beautiful lake of Como. I’ve lived there until 2 years ago when I decided to move to Milano.

What's your star sign? Really? I’m a Taurus

Describe yourself in 5 words? Focused, Romantic, Dreamer, Gentleman, Passionate.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? An archaeologist.

You're known for your personal style - each time I see you outside the Gucci show you're mobbed by photographers.  What makes great design to you? Fit is essential to me as well as colours and patterns.

By day you work in a commercial world and by night you're a fashion creative, how is this dual life? Tough, but so rewarding. I love my business job, I’ve studied my MBA at the Warwick Business School and it gives me the chance to travel the world, meet beautiful people and learn from new cultures. When I think about GWD the creative part of Fabrizio comes out, so together I can express myself totally.

Having such a busy life leads me to little sleep and usually my vacations are spent for following fashion weeks agenda, but once again I can stay with friends, shoot cool and stylish men from all over the world, see and touch the most beautiful clothes on the planet.

As I've said, I think you'd make an amazing stylist - would you ever try to make a move into fashion full time? Thanks! It comes to me naturally and turning to your question never say never.

If money were no object, who would you buy clothes from? Money is not the object, I buy what I like and makes me feel good. I like to mix pieces of the big fashion names brands and emerging designers as well as fast fashion retailers.

It seemed you were comfortable being photographed - What does your image mean to you? Yes I enjoy being photographed and it depends a lot on the photographer as well. My image is my signature, it’s not just the initial impression, but also my way of living and behaving. I would like to be perceived as a modern day gentleman.

What artists do you admire? I’ve always been attracted to different forms of art since I was young. Music for sure but also sculpture, paintings, literature, poetry, theater, cinema and obviously fashion.

There's a huge range of names I could give: Marvin Gaye, Jay Z, Nina Simone, Marina Abramovich, Picasso, Michelangelo, Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani, Pablo Neruda, Paulo Coelho, Alda Merini, Vittorio Gasmann, PierPaolo Pasolini, Federico Fellini, Marcello Mastroianni, Sophia Loren, Denzel Washington, Spike Lee, Woody Allen.

See the full interview by clicking below.

Who are your style influencers? Nick Wooster, Lalle Johnson, Alessandro Squarzi, Domenico Gianfrate just to name a few.

What blogs or magazines are you currently reading? I prefer visual blogs rather then standard magazines. I enjoy Highsnobiety, Hypebeast and GarconJon. Also some classics like GQ, Esquire, I find Panbianco News a really good source of business information for fashion.

This collaboration between GQ and GAP is about finding new menswear talent in America. What does great American style mean to you? America has always meant music to me. For instance I fell in love with the old school soul and RNB from the 70s and I could realize how it influenced the music I’m listening to nowadays. I like the contamination it brought into the modern music industry and in a way it’s like fashion where past trends can be a source of inspiration for actual designers and stylists.

What's on the horizon for you? The launch of new GWD website to celebrate GWD two years birthday.

Finally, leave us with some words of wisdom... I always say that style is a long and winding path with an unknown destination; then I love both the uncertainty of the goal and the variety of feelings you can go through. GWD is about inspiring people during their journeys to find their own style.