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Thursday, 4 September 2014

GarconJon wants...City Smart

After spending the day with a friend, he highlighted that it appears I am obsessed with the changing season. "You've mentioned autumn about 4 times and it's only September 1st!" It's really not that I'm wishing away the best Summer we've had in years, I think it's more to do with the fashion cycles. We shoot lookbooks a year in advance and watch shows a season too early. Even in store it seems the pressure to buy 'Summer brights' comes just as we're leaving the Christmas sales. So in true fashion-industry-style, I've begun considering what items I should pull out for winter, what needs replacing in my existing wardrobe and what new extras would make a nice addition.

One of the saving graces a declining temperature is the ability to wear knitwear. So with an exciting new project on the horizon with Vivienne Westwood, I've been perusing their autumn stock more than normal and have my eye on their Red Crew Neck Jumper.

I've admired the Japanese simplicity of Matsuda Spectacles for a long time and since discovering these frames with a mixture of acetate and metal, have put it top of my list for a new pair.

When it was announced that Timothy Everest was releasing a collaboration with Superdry was announced I was skeptical but once it landed in store it was clearly a great fusion between hardy outwear and tailoring. With this in mind I just got my hands on this new Town Coat for winter which has contrast under-fabric, just right for lapel-popping on a windy day.

I've never been into caps but with my photography buddy Ko opened my eyes to a whole new world of headwear when I had a rummage through his huge collection of hats. I love this A.P.C. City Cap that, to me, is a fusion of smart and casual.

Plain Chaos is a new brand founded by one of my '100 Beards' subjects Ronnie (Day 206). He just sent me some samples and the quality is superb. So much so, that I now want more...this Leather Pouch would be quite nice, thank you very much.

And finally, four words: Stanley Brogues by Grenson.