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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

GarconJon meets... Kevin Bui #GQforGAP

The second London subject for the GQ for GAP campaign is Kevin Bui, a chap who's face I feel like I'd seen all over the city before I'd finally met him. Turns out, he's the manager of one of Soho's busiest barbershops and most likely has this effect on many of the city's inhabitants.

Kevin wears En Noir, described as 'Monochromatic Minimalism' which is designed by Rob Garcia. The brand has built a huge following in the States (including Mr Kanye West) due to the principle of not cutting corners and designing with fabrications that other brands won't go near. The GAP collaboration takes this dark style, using leather and zip details that are rare on the High Street.

Kevin Bui, Barber

Where did you grow up and where do you live now? I grew up in Brockley south east London but now live in Deptford south east London.

What's your star sign? Taurus.

Describe yourself in 5 words? Whatever, party, living, holiday, respective.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I've always wanted to do barbering which is what I'm doing now. I'm a lucky guy!

Your barbershop is in Soho - it must be an incredible place to work with a huge range of clients.  Are there any funny stories from the customers you see?
 We mostly get the usual slick back and sides which I enjoy. I have no funny stories about my clients but my clients do have funny stories though.

What do you like most about your job? The coolest thing about the job is that I love it and it's stress free.

On the shoot, I loved hearing about your trip to visit your family in Vietnam. Did you feel at home going over even though you'd never visited before? I only just visited my grandparents for the first time in November 2013. It was unreal, it was a like a movie for me. The vision was so cool, just seeing where I could of grewn up if my parents didn't move to the UK. My Vietnamese speaking wasn't the best but when I saw the family there for thr first time it all just came out. I had no choice and I traveled alone intentionally so I could learn more of the language.

My mum and dad ran away from Vietnam to Hong Kong after the Vietnam war when my mum was only 15. Culturally it's very different - its very old school and is still behind in many ways. It's a beautiful country but it's too chilled for me - I love london too much!

You're a big fan of ink. How many tattoos do you have? I guess I have four tattoos but I'm planning for it to all become one whole tattoo one day.

What's the longest sitting you've ever had? Longest session was six hours on my left arm. It's a Japanese sleeve with a picture of my mum. I love it but wow, that was painful!

Best place in the city to get inked? Best tattoo studio for me is 'Good Time Tattoo' in Shoreditch.

Who is your tattoo icon? My artists Melszeto and Nick from Good Times.

Give me some words of wisdom...Don't be an arse and keep it moving.

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