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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Sartorial 7 x Tanqueray No. TEN

This month the Sartorial 7 gents and I teamed up with Tanqueray® No. TEN™ to celebrate WORLD CLASS, the annual search for the globe's best bartenders, hosted in the heart of London at 33 Fitzroy Square W1. Knowing that Guy Richie owns a property in the same block, the grandeur certainly didn't surprise me but that didn't stop me from being mighty impressed with the set-up inside.

Within the house, the the Art Deco interior was brought to life with a Martini Cocktail Bar in an ode to the new bottle design, which celebrates the famous cocktail golden era when the Martini was the connoisseurs’ drink of choice.

Check out our video, featuring the experts Tristan Stephenson and Tom Aske of Worship Street Whistling Shop, who are currently redefining cocktails in London’s Shoreditch, to share their expertise and tips for the modern gentlemen on how to create the quintessential Silver Martini cocktail.