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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

GarconJon wants...Fashion Week Essentials #WishlistWednesday

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Fashion Week may sound glamorous, and in many ways it can be, but in my line of work it's mainly a lot of hard labour. Treading concrete for 12 hours a day, jumping between cities and meeting deadlines, it's important to be extra prepared when it comes to planning my suitcase. The most vital element, other than my camera, is a pair of trainers. But there are quite a few other necessities that have to make the grade.

1. Sunglasses: Truly essential for spotting style. London's sunshine may be touch-and-go but there's no doubt that the rest of Europe will pull through. I just got this pair of shades from Bailey Nelson and can't wait to give them a test run in the Milanese sunshine.

2. Sturdy Backpack: It's not just a camera I'll be carrying around this season, I'll also be trekking copies of MAN/MEN journal, my new project documenting manufacturing of menswear. My EastPak backpack is the only thing sturdy enough to handle.

3. Dry Toiletries: When carrying a lot of electrical camera equipment, I'm paranoid about liquid spill in my bag. I try to keep as dry as possible by using Shampoo Soap in a tin from Lush and other toiletries are triple bagged to avoid any accidents.

4. Workshirt: Practicality is key when moving between backstage and street style photography, also bearing in mind the overpowering heat. A good work overshirt is great for it's pockets - perfect to slip in batteries, business cards or a notepad. I've had my eye on this jacket, designed by Drakes and manufactured by Private White VC, ever since I shot the Drakes lookbook last month. It's the perfect fusion between British design and British craft. 

5. Small Camera Bag: Necessary for the key elements of photography - a few lenses, flash, reflector, filters, batteries...this Chapman bag will keep me going.

6. Comfortable Shoes: Three words...Nike Free Run.