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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

GarconJon wants...The American Wilderness #WishlistWednesday

After spending the weekend in Edinburgh shooting for Tommy Hilfiger to celebrate the launch of their new Scottish store, I've been drawn to all things Americana. Go figure. I rummaged through the store for longer than expected and officially reignited my love to authentic denim so pulled together a few of my favourite items from the new store along with the added essentials.  

1. Tommy Denim Jacket: A good denim jacket will keep a man going all summer long and this one is fantastic in fit and cut. I like one that's snug enough to fit under an overcoat as we move into autumn so it's perfect for layering.

2. Vintage Hipflask: No trek into the American outback would be complete without a sneaky dram and a silver hipflask just so happens to look pretty darn cool too.

3. Tommy Rucksack: Over the past year or so I've really started to move away from holdalls or shoulder strap backs and more towards rucksacks. For one they're more comfortable but I also think they create more of a solid aesthetic. I saw this Tommy Hilfiger bag at their Regent Street store and appreciated the consideration of internal and external storage along with the mixture of canvas with leather.

4. Man of the World: Ok so maybe a magazine wouldn't be the most necessary of items to take on an expedition but it'd certainly keep you occupied. It's also currently my favourite monthly read.

5. Swiss Army Knife: No explanation necessary. The original badass tool.

6. Tommy Denim Shirt: Wearing double (or even triple) denim isn't just acceptable when on an American's obligatory. I like layering different washes but approach with caution, it can verge into Village People territory very quickly.

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