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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

GarconJon wants... Monochrome #WishlistWednesday

A few things have influenced my desire for black this week. Firstly, a messy photoshoot that required practical clothing and made me realise how many suits I own (and how few pairs of jeans). Watching 'My Mad Fat Diary' has reminded me of so many great styles left behind in the 90s and made me want to reconnect with some musical subculture. After a jaunt down Oxford Street, I popped into Urban Outfitter's and couldn't resist a few practical essentials. Here are some of my favourites...

1. Fred Perry Twin Tipped Pique Polo Tee: Despite being a member of the Sartorial 7, I often find shirts too restrictive when working. The polo shirt is perfect for smart comfort when working with clients on set and there really is only one authentic polo - the Fred Perry. This week I went on an Urban Outfitters scout, a store was filled with subculture staples, and I had to get my hands on one of these.

2. Black Pennyboard with White Wheels Steve Booker is my favourite new mens style blogger and after a coffee with him last week I was inspired to go back through his videos. It's hard to resist wanting to be part of the team after watching his Penny Board Chapers - I ordered myself a board straightaway.

3. Pocket Fountain Pen: Despite the fact that I communicate in images, carrying a pen with me at all times is essential. Whether I'm meeting a client or visiting a gallery, there always seems to be need for note-taking. Notes on my iPhone are fine but there's nothing like a scribble to refer to, especially when taken with a 1935 Kaweco Classic Fountain Pen from Labour and Wait.

4. WANT Kastrup Backpack: I rely on sturdy bags to retain heavy equipment and always need plenty of storage with lots of organization on the inside - the great thing about this WANT bag is it's compact but holds a lot.

5. Mac Pro 7 years in the making and this is 4TB of cylindrical beauty is not just on my wishlist, it's in my dreams.
6. Aesop Marrakech Parfum It's label isn't the only thing that's black, this scent is mysteriously dark too. I love that it's oil based in a roll-on glass bottle - pure and simple.

7. Denim & Supply Slim-Fit Rosborough Jeans I've been digging around for a good pair of black jeans for all . This Ralph Lauren D&S pair is super hardy and washed to fit comfortably. Perfect for going from a client brief to crawling around of the floor outside the shows at Fashion Week.

8. NIKE Free Run 2 Speaking of Fashion Week, I invested in my first pair of trainers in a decade for this season's shows and there's no looking back. NIKE Free Run's are like walking on air and after my burgundy pair, I think it's time to invest in classic black. 

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