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Saturday, 29 March 2014

100 Beards Launch: The Interview

The 100 Beards book launch was a massive success at the Red Bull Studios in London. Often with these things there are so many people to greet that the night is a whirlwind and with the added challenge of photographing 100 Beards in 100 minutes during the night (see the results here), I can hardly recall what I did over those few hours. Luckily, we were visited by Andy Niblo a skilled videographer who documented the event and interviewed me about the project. With a full length interview coming soon, here's the overview with some nice shots from the night.

There are still copies left of the new edition, to get your hands on one order now at

Ian: Ramshorn Theatre, Glasgow

 photo menswear-street-style-scotland-scottish-fashion-blogger-garconjon-IMG_7273.jpg

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Shopcade's Faces of March

Fashion app Shopcade asked me to be one of their Faces of March, a request I accepted. Check out my interview alongside the beautiful Constance Victoria from the Bloomsbury studio where I ramble about blogging, beards and mens style.

 photo GarconJon2bwsb.jpg

Hat, Lock and Co - Coat, Spencer Hart - Bag, Oliver Sweeney - Tee, American Apparel - Watch, Daniel Wellington - Trousers, Vintage - Socks, Falke - Shoes, Dr Martens

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

GarconJon wants...The Details #WishlistWednesday

At an industry dinner last night a discussion arose on the topic of details. Great men's style has always been about more subtle additions than flashy tricks but it's arguably more important than ever in order to prove your style credentials in this way. I know I'd prefer to give a wink with a bright pair of socks than something more visible, which is interesting when contrasted with the womenswear trend of re-embracing 90s bold branding like Kenzo jumpers and Alexander Wang's 'Parental Advisory' labels. This all got me thinking about the details that I feel are essential, the items I love to use in everyday life.

1. The Scent: Smelling great is the most subtle of all details. It makes a superb first impression at an important meeting and is the perfect reminder in a man's absence once he finds his signature. I'm not the sort of guy to have a cabinet filled with fragrances as when I find the one I like, it tends to stick around for a while and after a stint with Margiela's 'Untitled', I've been on the lookout for something new. Luckily, last week Dior sent me a bottle of their new fragrance for men, appropriately named 'Homme', which launches next month. It's got a nice balance of earthy musk and subtle sweetness that's already earned me some compliments. That's always nice.

2. The Shoe Care: One thing my dad passed onto me was the importance of taking care of footwear. Once you get a nice pair of shoes, it's important to make them last and Oliver Sweeney's shoe care box not only works a treat but also looks slick itself.

3. The Umbrella: Come on, we live in the UK. There's no excuse for a cheap pound-store brolly. A wooden handled gentleman's umbrella will stand the test of time...and wind...and rain...and end up being more economical in the long run. I quite like a classic navy or racing green but this printed one from Present London is pretty cool.

4. The Document Holder: After jibing Mr Phil Green over his 'man clutch' carrying habits last time we had a pint, it's time for me to eat my words. I prepared to leave the house last night for this dinner and knew I needed something for my iPad and journal. A backpack's too casual, a totebag's too large...but I found the perfect solution with Holdall and Co's British made leather goods. David from Grey Fox blog introduced me to the brand last week and now it's securely on my wishlist. 

5. The Cufflinks: Not many people notice quality cufflinks but I think they're important to get right. Sticking with something simple means they can be worn day after day and as I've admired Stephen Einhorn's rings for a long time, I've now set my sight his simple yellow gold Soho Cufflinks.

6. The Hair Style: As much as I'd love to be the type of guy to gel-up and comb-back a slick 1950s cut, my hairline simply won't allow it. I've been recommended hundreds of products by barbers over the years but only Ruffians Texturising Putty works for me. I can't be fussed with too much time and effort so this is perfect to stop it looking dry, whilst keeping it from being greasy.

7. The Spectacles: When I wore my Oliver Peoples glasses to the Hackett x Sartorial 7 shoot everyone asked where I got them. As they're a few years old the 'new' is starting to fade but I'm not ready to replace them just yet so got these from London Retro as a second pair. Still an attractive design without a big price tag.

 photo garconjon-wants-wishlist-wednesday-menswear.jpg

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ralph Lauren: Denim and Supply with Michelle Bobb Parris

 photo DSC_9467as.jpg

Last week, Ralph Lauren (unfortunately not the man himself...he has people for this kind of thing) asked me to photograph fellow blogger Michelle Bobb Parris in the new Denim and Supply collection. In an unusual turn of events, I became the subject as I wore my RL D&S jacket and jeans to keep warm in the brisk Spring weather. Check out my images of the beautiful Michelle by clicking 'Read More' below and the full range at

Friday, 21 March 2014

The Edit: Springtime English Tailoring

After photographing Carlos in some of my favourite knitwear for Spring, I've been asked by many gents how to manage a tailored look in warmer weather. Of course as Summer approaches reaching for a pair of shorts and a tee will be the simple choice for many but one of the (few) pluses of living in a mild climate is being able to dress well all year round. I teamed up with fellow Sartorial 7 member Terry Donovan to select some of our favourite tailored items for Spring. Using fresh linens and light knits, we've created three looks on Mr Chris Millington that are distinctly British in their quirks. 

 photo menswear-hampstead-heath-img1bs.jpg

 photo menswear-hampstead-heath-IMG_8096as.jpg

Glasses – Archibald Optics, Shirt – Henri Lloyd, Waistcoat – Holland Esquire, Blazer – Gymphlex, Tie – Stylists Own, Pocket Square – Universal Works

 photo menswear-hampstead-heath-IMG_8174aa2s.jpg

Glasses – Archibald Optics, Shirt – Hackett, Tie – Reiss, Blazer – Holland Esquire, Trousers – Holland Esquire, Shoes – Oliver Sweeney

 photo menswear-hampstead-heath-IMG_8367aas.jpg

 photo menswear-hampstead-heath-IMG_8352aas.jpg

Shirt – Reiss, Tie – TM Lewin, Pocket Square – Topman, Jumper – Alan Paine, Blazer – Reiss, Trousers – Holland Esquire, Shoes – Oliver Sweeney

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Fashion Beans Menswear Influencers 2014

This month, men's digital style bible FashionBeans listed me in their top 5 menswear influencers of 2014 - how flattering. See the full article and interview at

 photo fashion-beans-garconjon-street-style.jpg

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

GarconJon wants... Monochrome #WishlistWednesday

A few things have influenced my desire for black this week. Firstly, a messy photoshoot that required practical clothing and made me realise how many suits I own (and how few pairs of jeans). Watching 'My Mad Fat Diary' has reminded me of so many great styles left behind in the 90s and made me want to reconnect with some musical subculture. After a jaunt down Oxford Street, I popped into Urban Outfitter's and couldn't resist a few practical essentials. Here are some of my favourites...

1. Fred Perry Twin Tipped Pique Polo Tee: Despite being a member of the Sartorial 7, I often find shirts too restrictive when working. The polo shirt is perfect for smart comfort when working with clients on set and there really is only one authentic polo - the Fred Perry. This week I went on an Urban Outfitters scout, a store was filled with subculture staples, and I had to get my hands on one of these.

2. Black Pennyboard with White Wheels Steve Booker is my favourite new mens style blogger and after a coffee with him last week I was inspired to go back through his videos. It's hard to resist wanting to be part of the team after watching his Penny Board Chapers - I ordered myself a board straightaway.

3. Pocket Fountain Pen: Despite the fact that I communicate in images, carrying a pen with me at all times is essential. Whether I'm meeting a client or visiting a gallery, there always seems to be need for note-taking. Notes on my iPhone are fine but there's nothing like a scribble to refer to, especially when taken with a 1935 Kaweco Classic Fountain Pen from Labour and Wait.

4. WANT Kastrup Backpack: I rely on sturdy bags to retain heavy equipment and always need plenty of storage with lots of organization on the inside - the great thing about this WANT bag is it's compact but holds a lot.

5. Mac Pro 7 years in the making and this is 4TB of cylindrical beauty is not just on my wishlist, it's in my dreams.
6. Aesop Marrakech Parfum It's label isn't the only thing that's black, this scent is mysteriously dark too. I love that it's oil based in a roll-on glass bottle - pure and simple.

7. Denim & Supply Slim-Fit Rosborough Jeans I've been digging around for a good pair of black jeans for all . This Ralph Lauren D&S pair is super hardy and washed to fit comfortably. Perfect for going from a client brief to crawling around of the floor outside the shows at Fashion Week.

8. NIKE Free Run 2 Speaking of Fashion Week, I invested in my first pair of trainers in a decade for this season's shows and there's no looking back. NIKE Free Run's are like walking on air and after my burgundy pair, I think it's time to invest in classic black. 

 photo garconjon-wishlist-wednesday-monochrome-menswear-blog.jpg

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sartorial 7 Menswear Event at Selfridges, London

Tomorrow night, the Sartorial 7 gents and myself are hosting a styling event at our favourite department store Selfridges. 'Make the Cut' will bring the 7 of us together along with some of London's dapper chaps at the Oxford Street store to chew the fat, get some style advice and have a drink.

Come along to the formalwear department from 6-9pm - to attend, RSVP directly to Selfridges via email at and we'll see you there!

 photo MaketheCutE-vite1.jpg

See the coverage on Mr Hyde of the event by clicking below and see the latest Sartorial 7 film with Hackett London.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Tailor Made at the Design Museum

This Friday 7th March I'm speaking at Tailor Made, an event at the Design Museum in London to celebrate the launch of 'Hello My Name is Paul Smith'. As well as speaking alongside the very talented menswear designer Joseph Turvey and Not Just a Label's Stefan Siegel, I'm also exhibiting a range of men's style photography from the London city streets. 

The event is nearly sold out but I've got 3 pairs of tickets to giveaway for tomorrow night which will give access to the full event as well as the Paul Smith exhibition. All you have to do is tweet me at @GarconJon with the names of your attendees and I'll select the top 3 by 2pm on Friday.

 photo flyerDM-tailormade_flyer-1.jpg