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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

GarconJon meets...Charles Antoine Chavaudrey

Charlÿ Chavaudrey stopped me at Somerset House today to ask a few questions about bloggers at London Fashion Week. As a correspondent at 'French Radio, London', I decided to turn the tables and ask some quick fire questions to the Parisienne.

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Charlÿ Chavaudrey, 22, Journalist

What's your horoscope?

Your residence?
In Paris

Song of the moment? 
Dallas, from this amazing Swedish singer, Veronica Maggio

When you were a wee boy, what was your aspiration?
Maybe it can seem weird but I used to say I wanted to be permanently on vacation

Who do you admire?
My Grandfather

Five words on London...
Big, Pub, Cosmopolite, Rain, Friendly

Five words on Paris...
Incredible, Wine, History, Friends, My Flag

What did you think of London Fashion Week?
Surely not better than Fashion Week in Paris

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