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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sartorial 7: Shimla Jewellery

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Sartorial 7 is a new mens style collective, assembled as a discussion group on style, menswear and London culture. Made up of 7 men in the industry, our first meeting in Shoreditch was filmed by Threads TV and centred around the launch of Shimla's mens jewellery line. Meeting in the luxurious wood-lined boardroom of Coffin on Cake, we opened the drinks cabinate, let the whiskey flow and cut no corners in our first discussion.

Check out the results on Threads TV soon and follow the official @Sartorial7 instagram for updates.

Introducing The Sartorial 7...

Alfie, Personal Stylist
Jay, Radio Presenter
Jonathan, Street & Fashion Photographer
Mikey, River Island PR
Nigel, Editor at Individualism
Phil, Topman Personal Stylist Manager
Terry, DJ & Fashion PR

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