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Monday, 27 May 2013

100 Beards #PinItForwardUK

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This month, Pinterest launched it's UK 'Pin it Forward' campaign. Despite this being the first official launch in Europe, the site already has a pretty huge following. I joined in 2011 and very quickly got into the swing using the site to source inspiration for my work. Pinterest is so visual, it seems perfectly engineered for a photographers use.

With a few boozy Pinterest get-togethers in London last month, I've truly re-integrated into the pinning world. It's been incredible to meet so many bloggers & vloggers in person who are also Pinterest aficionados. Through the banter at the Pin it Forward UK campaign launch, I spotted a few pinners who are top of my follow list...namely Individualism, Martell Campbell and Menswear Style.

You can follow me on Pinterest here @GarconJon - the next blogger on the #PinItForwardUK campaign is My Car Gossip.