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Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Day with Sophia


I've never really been one to coo over babies. Maybe it's because I'm a man, maybe I've just not got a huge paternal instinct. When my sister was expecting her first child last year, I was excited but couldn't really comprehend how I'd feel once the baby was born. As soon as I met my beautiful niece Sophia, all that changed.

Last week, I spent my first full day flying solo and although I was thrilled (and surprised) to be trusted with a one year old, I was also slightly nervous. Anything. Could. Happen. Luckily, lots of things did happen and all of them were fun. And that's the thing. Sophia is simply so much fun. I'd be sitting for 2 minutes and she's toddle over with a book in hand, plonk herself beside me and want me to read her a story. At snack time, it was one for me, one for her, as she wanted to share every morsel with me. However, the best part about time with Sophia is peek-a-boo. She has taught me that anything can act as an object to hide behind: from the obvious (sofas, doors) to the obscure (books, remote controls, packets of raisins).

It's important to keep a camera in hand at all times when with the little one and the best snap from our day together came as part of her new favourite game. Picture this: Sophia decides she wants to play with her pop-up green tube. Now that she's mastered the art of un-doing velcro, it's a go-to toy. I turn around for 30 seconds, turn back and it's expanded across the floor with a little bum and legs sticking out one side. Naturally, I'm curious to see the view from inside the tube and who do I find? A little girl, ready to play peek-a-boo.