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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Scottish Fashion Awards 2012


I had a dream this week that I turned up to the Scottish Fashion Awards naked. Freud would be having a field day with this one, but in reality I think it's simply anticipation for what they call 'Scotland's Fashion Oscars'. This year I'm proud to have been nominated the Young Photographer of the Year...and what a year it's been. One of the most memorable and meaningful parts of being a photographer is the people you capture. Stories unfolding, a fraction of life frozen. In reality, the nomination is for all of these people who allow me to take their photograph.

After a spectacular night at SFA 2011 last year, nominated for Les Garcons de Glasgow as Communicator of the Year, I have high hopes for this one. With a new venue and my Twitter feed overloaded with messages of 'On flight up to Glasgow!', I know it'll be a goodie. The special thing about this year also, it that you can buy tickets for the event - check out for your chance to rub shoulders with fashion's finest and witness the night unfold...see you there!