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Friday, 3 February 2012

Superior Interior: Tara Nowy

Tara Nowy surprised me.

Having inspected Imogen Roy and Varda Ducovnys apartments for the first two Superior Interior profiles, I suspected I'd once again be looking at an interesting apartment and a collection of beautiful possessions. This was not the case.

Taras father is a musician, taking her of the road and bringing her to the recording studio from a young age. Being so close to the musical process influenced her so much, that her true superior interior is in fact a record store. Avalanche Records in Grassmarket, Edinburgh to be precise.

The Independent music shop, is a haven for inspiration to feed her music addiction, with a coffee bar, huge selection of independent music, and 1000s of old LPs to rifle through. For this profile, Tara explains how her love to music developed, shows me the store she considers home and tells me a few of her favourite things.

Style Motto:
Change it up - don't get stuck in a style rut

Favourite Colour:
Any shade of blue and I love black

Favourite Designer:
Simple: Chloe / Extravagant: Emilio Pucci

Favourite Era of Style:
Late 1960s/Early 1970s, London

Favourite Song:
I can't pick one. There are a few that I listen to over and over.
Going to California Led Zeppelin
Gimme Shelter Rolling Stones
California Soul Marlena Shaw feat Ya Boy
Seeed Sensimillia

Best Source for Musical Discovery:
I usually get random finds on YouTube or in a record store.
Spotify is also amazing for finding new music. Spotify is my new love!

Lyric Stuck in Your Head Now:
You told me to leave you alone
My father said come on home
My doctor said take it easy
Whole bunch of lovin' is much too strong
I'm added to your chain of fools
Chain of Fools Aretha Franklin