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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Brooklyn Circus, New York Menswear

New York is the place style dreams are made of. Although my experience of living there wasn't quite what I thought it would be, it superseded my expectations in more ways than it fell short. It's the city that inspired me to begin taking street photographs, as Daniel sent me to see the first Sartorialist exhibition at Danziger Projects, and it's the place where my adult style began to become apparent.

In 2007 I enrolled at classes at FIT and through a professor was introduced to Ouigi Theodore, a graphic designer, who'd recently opened a menswear store in Brooklyn: Brooklyn Circus. Now 5 years down the line, he's turned his wee shop into an international brand and there's no doubting how it's been accomplished. Staying true to his style beliefs Ouigi has created a menswear shopping experience, which is currently unparalleled.

From colourful leather brogues to finely weaved tweed, the store meets all my sartorial needs and more. Ouigi was recently interviewed by PROJECT which gives a nice insight into his character & ethos - check out the video posted below...and if you're in the States, check out stores in Chicago, New York and San Fran.