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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Spring Suspense with A.P.C.


I've never had too much of a knowledge of A.P.C.

When traveling to Paris, its founding city, I always had a gander at the store on Rue Vieille du Temple as each time I visited I found some kind of jacket or shirt that inspired me for the rest of the season. If I consider what I liked most, it's colour that springs to mind. The range of pastels, jewel and muted tones are quite unique in menswear and it's this that has brought me back time and again.

Now we're only days away from Christmas (how did this happen?) and I now have my super red winter wool jumper, I'm actually rejecting all things winter and find myself attracted to the new. Although wearing some short shorts may be a little premature, I don't think busting out a pair of pale bleach jeans and tennis shoes would be too frowned upon...let's just hope it doesn't snow...or fact no precipitation at all, please.


Cashmere Sweater, 250€
Clean Cut Shirt, 130€
Standard Bleach Jean, 134€
Block Backpack, 150€
Tennis Shoes, 190€