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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Another Eiffel Tower Photo

The Eiffel Tower must be one of the most photographed landmarks around the world, up their with Times Square and Big Ben. For many it represents the epitome of romanticism and on the flip side, vulgarity (ask any born and bred Parisian). I've never been one to idolise city iconography, preferring the quiet unwritten and undocumented backstreets which are much more reflective of real community and culture in a place.

Although I feel reluctant to join the masses of tourists and whip out my camera when I'm in the vicinity of Paris' most recognisable structure, I made an exception this week. The West side of the left bank is an area I rarely walk but passing by the inconceivably huge mass of iron, I couldn't resist but photograph it. The air was so crisp and the sky so blue, I got a real sense of why people are overwhelmed by emotion. My lasting memories of Paris in Autumn 2011 may not be defined by the Eiffel Tower, but it'll certainly be nestled there between warm croissants and streets lined with burnt orange leaves.