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Monday, 7 November 2011

Guest Blogger: Tell Us Fashion

Last month, London based fashion concierge Tell Us Fashion invited me to guest blog on their site. This week I'll be blogging about my experiences in the fashion industry, starting today with 'The Culture of Street Style Blogging'

An excerpt is below, to see the full article click here.


It's been nearly 7 years since Scott Schuman started his street photography blog The Sartorialist. Within those short seven years, images of real people in real clothes has become a phenomenon embraced by every lifestyle media source, from the biggest international fashion publications to independent locals who want a piece of the action.

As a street style photographer, I'm often asked why I think the medium has become so popular. Firstly, it's important to note, that street photography is nothing new – Bill Cunningham, Diane Arbus and Vivian Maier are just a few people who were doing it many years before the term 'blog' was even coined. For me, the excitement surrounding this style of fashion documentation is truth. A blogger has nothing but his integrity. We have no advertisers to please nor brands pulling our strings, so the product you see if one of true admiration and dedication to authentic style. A large part of the exercise for me is also about people, for without them clothes are just sewn together bits of cloth on rails. People are what brings fashion to life in both a metaphorical and literal manner.