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Friday, 14 October 2011

Final Fashion Serendipity


Last June, Les Garçons de Glasgow was nominated at the Scottish Fashion Awards against some pretty stiff competition. In spite of the obvious rivalry that could occur, everyone in our category was wonderful. From Philip Colbert (Rodnik Band) to Marc Psarolis (Duchamp), the post-awards dinner table was filled with compliments and supportive words, but noone more supportive than Canadian consultant Gayle McInnes.

Within our evening long chat, I got talking with her guest, illustrator Danielle Meder from Final Fashion. Danielle took it upon herself to up sticks, abandoning her large studio in Toronto and move to London this summer - a brave feat by any measure. After spotting a tweet about her attendance at #PFW this season, we arranged to meet.

Palais de Tokyo was top of my list for taking Danielle. Not only does it have one of the most comprehensive art book and magazine collections in town, but nothing can beat a bit of photobooth fun for a so-called first date - the results are above. From there, we headed to Balmain to document style. Of course, this meant very different things for us both. I found it fascinating to watch Danielle create her illustrations, working in such stark contrast to me. At the shows its all about quantity of photos - getting as many shots as possible. While I was running around going crazy, she became the ultimate voyeur. Sitting in a corner with watercolours, absorbing the style as it wondered past - a far less stressful way to document that's for sure.

What ensued over the next few days was the perfect fashion week accompaniment - from drinks at the Mykita 8 Party to the Amaya Arzuaga runway show. With her birthday coming smack bang in the middle of fashion week, it was a great way to celebrate in style.

To see the illustrations Danielle created at the Amaya Arzuaga show, click here.