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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Money and Morals

As another fashion week draws to a close, I find myself considering the vast production that goes in to presenting clothes from season to season in greater depth. It's no wonder why big brands can spend thousands, if not millions on shows (venue hire, models, make up, hair, lighting, producers, directors and the clothes itself) - the payoff being masses of press, exposure to buyers and ultimately brand awareness and sales, but what happens if we went back to basics?


Since discovering the IOU project, I've been particularly interested in pairing back this process. What IOU does is make the journey of a garment from manufacture to purchase completely transparent. Quite refreshing really. What's even better, the clothes are actually well designed pushing me to consider how I'm actually going to pull off head to toe plaid. It may not work out for me just yet but in the mean time I can dream about ethical outfits.


Money and Morals cashmere jumper: local produce of the Scottish Borders, Jaggy Nettle
Plaid pleated pants: weaved through fair trade in Kedar, India, IOU Project
Red cord pumps: giving a child in the developing world a pair of shoes too, TOMS Shoes