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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mr Hare does Topman

Mr Hare is such a brand that holds so much 'cool' in it's name that anything it does tends to turn gold. I dearly hope that the same will be said for the Topman collaboration launching this AW11. Having seen parts of the collection - around 10 photographs and at this point I'm not 100% that this will be every piece - I'm slightly dubious that the quality in person will match the images.

In my experience Topman footwear isn't the best; for me nearly every shoe is made too narrow and the design certainly doesn't match what sister brand Topshop are creating. In terms of design there are a few highlights in the Mr Hare collection - the cuban heel is a thing I find impossible to get a hold of (3 years and counting looking for the perfect pair of black cuban heel boots, anyone find a size 9 please get in touch) and the croc leather looks pretty well done. The true test will obviously be in the trying, which I will be doing as soon as it lands in store later this month.