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Monday, 29 August 2011

Sander Stitches


There is really very little reasoning behind the collection of items I've chosen this week. Seeing this Jil Sander sweater in the Mr Porter store I felt compelled to put it on the top of my wishlist mainly due to the fact that it's nearly impossible to find a fabric which has been dyed a vibrant ocre yellow. The geometric stitching at the neck is also pretty special and I have visions of it being that super-heavy feeling like all good wool sweaters should be.

There have been a few other pieces I've had my eye on for a while. Since going into the A.P.C. store in Paris last month, I've been wanting a tweed belt of some sort but nothing seems to match up to this quality. Dover Street Market may be getting some of my hard earned dough sooner than I'd expected this season.

Orange knit sweater, Jil Sander £370
Grey Tweed Belt, A.P.C. 145€
Burgundy Luxury Wallet, Comme des Garçons £90

Sunday, 28 August 2011

The COS and Effects

I have a secret dream (now, not so secret) that one day I will assemble an awesome rock band. We'd have light guitar riffs, a full brass section and rocking beats. Seeing the AW11 COS menswear selection, I now know how we'd dress.

Unveiling "The COS and Effects" - queue canned laughter.


Monday, 22 August 2011

The Roll-Neck Sweater

If there is one thing I would wear every day of the year if I could, it's roll-neck jumpers. Making my obsession with covering as much of the body as possible with the same colour much easier and also so much simpler than shirts - no ironing, no buttons, just a clean, bold shape. I currently own 4, all of which are definitely in need of replacement this winter, so I've been trawling AW11 lookbooks to see if I can a few new ones.

Colour and weight is important here, they also have to fit comfortably under a blazer and compliment my current favourite suits; vintage high-waisted mustard number and port wool skinny fit. I've shortlisted 5 - some to inspire, others on the wishlist:

ACNE, available from
Gucci, available from
Alexander McQueen, available from
Jil Sander, available from
Topman, available from

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mr Hare does Topman

Mr Hare is such a brand that holds so much 'cool' in it's name that anything it does tends to turn gold. I dearly hope that the same will be said for the Topman collaboration launching this AW11. Having seen parts of the collection - around 10 photographs and at this point I'm not 100% that this will be every piece - I'm slightly dubious that the quality in person will match the images.

In my experience Topman footwear isn't the best; for me nearly every shoe is made too narrow and the design certainly doesn't match what sister brand Topshop are creating. In terms of design there are a few highlights in the Mr Hare collection - the cuban heel is a thing I find impossible to get a hold of (3 years and counting looking for the perfect pair of black cuban heel boots, anyone find a size 9 please get in touch) and the croc leather looks pretty well done. The true test will obviously be in the trying, which I will be doing as soon as it lands in store later this month.


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sober Me Up

Nestled somewhere between Acne and COS, Studio Sober has me seriously considering a ban on alcohol. Somehow I've only just come across the SS11 collection of this Amsterdam based design house and although it's a good few months out of date I'm captured by their images, styling and most importantly clothes.

Paired back and tailored, this is how I would dress if I were a woman...although I'm not promising I'd be able to get my hair looking this good.


Monday, 15 August 2011

Back to School


Despite the fact my school days are long gone, I can't help but be compelled every August to consider what I'd wear this year if I were to return. It's that ritual of starting a-fresh after what seemed like endless weeks of relaxation and the only good thing to come from that anxious feeling of dread I had when the days of schooling drew nearer.

Although as a teenager I certainly wouldn't have wanted to dress as smartly as I do now, I've found my perfect 2011 school uniform. Starting with a bold striped shirt - I picked one up in vintage store Colours in Berlin at the beginning of this year and ever since have been obsessed - Paul Smith does a great one which is on sale now. Of course, no good schoolboy will be without a quality notebook and fieldnotes are the only ones for me this year.

Paul Smith Shirt, House of Fraser
Linda Farrow Spectacles,
Bill Amberg Backpack
Field Notes Stationary,

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Garçons and Beyond


Having been doing street style photography for about 2 years, published on Les Garçons de Glasgow since October 2009, I've been fortunate enough to meet some fascinating people, photograph stylish folks around the world and work with some pretty exciting brands.

As my path of style discovery unfolds, I am constantly introduced to new designers and being invited to events, so rather than clutter the street style focus of Les Garçons I thought it best to continue my journey via another style blog. Another Garçon will covers what my friends and yet-to-become friends are doing in the fashion world as well as some general ramblings.

View street photography on LesGarç

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